Richard Fox

Los Angeles, CA

Richard Fox had a long and prosperous career developing and managing business that consist of large staffs. One of his many keys to success has always been to hire based on will rather than skill. Starting with that recruitment principle as a building block for his teams, his businesses are some of the most productive and efficient in the industry.

Working under Richard to develop, construct and launch a food manufacturing facility, Starr Fox Managing Partner Kevin Holbert gained exceptional knowledge and skills from Richard, particularly in the area of building an effective team from the ground up. Screening candidates based not only on quantitative skills and experience, but most importantly on how their personality matched the culture of the business and their willingness to learn and grow within the organization.

Richard's influence on Kevin's career trajectory was profound enough to spur this company to be named in his honor. It's our hope that we can pass along Richard's skill and knowledge onto our clients, and place the right personnel into their businesses as building blocks of the organization.