Ed Bills

Accounts Manager
New York, NY


Prior to becoming part of the Starr Fox team, Ed started at a young age reorganizing the filing system for one of the nation's most successful recruiting firms as a part time job. Keeping his ears open, and asking questions, he started learning the ropes from the recruiters. When it was time, Ed naturally stepped right into the recruiting role during the telecom boom in the early 2000's. Covering clients in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area, Ed conducted extensive sourcing, cold-calling and networking in a high volume recruiting environment. He was the first recruiter to receive a bonus award for 6 placements in his second month of recruiting. Besides focusing on full life cycle tech positions, he worked health care and clinical trial needs as well. Ed was very diligent and successful from the beginning in placing candidates.

Based out of the East Coast in both New York City and in Washington D.C., Starr Fox has allowed him to branch out into manufacturing and engineering sales and marketing requirements, and stepping into his own Account Manager role.

Ed's focus in college was English and Music Education at Towson State University. In addition to his recruiting experience, he was Account Manager for corporate accounts at highly successful promotional products and advertising specialty company. Teaching and performing music, and functioning as a studio musician is a passion in his spare time.